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Growth-Oriented Tech Companies Prepared for Scale


Our Mission

We specialize in technology infrastructure company mergers and acquisitions. Our focus is building a portfolio of companies around talented teams while enhancing the customer experience. With our proprietary process, and background we create exciting opportunities for our planned acquisitions.

We are actively searching for new acquisition opportunities in Telecom, Managed IT and IOT.

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Our Experience

We have an intentional mixture of proven entrepreneurs (6 exits), operations and corporate leaders, veterans, technical and R&D experience. Formed in 2015 carrying with it over 60 years of direct experience in operating profitable businesses. 



COMPANIES evaluated

We are experts at evaluating businesses and finding trapped value. Our due diligence process is tailored to each industry. There are historical examples of increased EBITDA, and margin expansion just from performing the due diligence process.



years of combined experience

Our team has a proven experience in rapidly scaling businesses in different industries. Throughout the process, all stakeholders receive value. We believe in building unstoppable teams that grow with the organization.




Business exits

From start to scale, our team has been building businesses and technology our entire careers. Experience allows us to create in a robust manner that supports the core long-term objectives.


Our Criteria

Agile Management Enterprises is strategically acquiring companies across the United States. We are evaluating opportunities to purchase existing businesses with over 1M in annual EBITDA. Prospective acquisitions must be positioned for growth.

Our transactions primarily consist of a majority purchase of equity or the assets by AME.

  • Over 1M in Annual EBITDA
  • Telecom, SAAS, IOT or Managed IT Industry
  • Controlling Interest Transaction
  • Strong Leadership Team



October 2016

I worked with the AME team on a an acquisition of an existing business. Their process allowed me to begin making substantial adjustments to my business before even finished. This was a win/win for both parties.

Stephen S. / Company Confidential



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Our team is very collaborative and believe in exploring new opportunities to create lasting relationships. If you have an interest in learning more about what we do, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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If you own or represent ownership within a technology business that is generating over 1M in EBITDA.


We are interested in colloborative business partnerships. As we expand our offerings through our portfolio companies - we are looking for exceptional partners.


If you are interested in selling the assets of an existing business.

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