Guiding Values

- Humbitious -

We strive to achieve the perfect balance between humility and ambition - treating people with respect while striving for success.

- Honesty & Integrity -

We view honesty and integrity as a fundamental way of life.

- Exceptional Service -

We believe in treating our customers, employees, and stakeholders with the utmost respect. We desire to create a delightful experience with every interaction.

 - Professionalism -

We live for accountability and responsibility as professionals.

- Operational Excellence -

We value improvement and introspection in everything that we do from personal leadership to business process.

- Genuine -

Each of us needs to be who we are in addition to our values. Being authentic in combination with our values means that we should live our values both at work and at home.


Leadership Promise

At the heart of every effective effort is an engaged team. People are the heart of value-creation within an organization. We are here to make a meaningful difference in every element of a technology business. Transformational is the operating principle for the team.

We do not accept status quo.
— Kevin Grace, CEO, President
As we come into a company, we are not entering to make sweeping changes. We recognize that while each member of the leadership team has expertise in certain areas of business, the people working at that company have insights and specialties of their own. We need to fully utilize each person’s talents to allow the company to reach its full potential. Our goal coming in is to learn the strengths of each of the members, train for any weaknesses and input our operational efficiencies into the business. We need to learn from them and hope they will learn from us. Ultimately, being people-centric, from employees and customers to the stakeholders, will allow us to reach our goals. This follows completely with our Vision and Mission Statements.
— James Fair, COO
The best way to build and execute effective strategy is to actively listen. Listen to your people, listen to your customers, listen to your market before you make any decisions. Once you’ve completed this process, begin again.
— Mike Field, CSO
My goal is to support our many stakeholder’s through leveraging technology. I will focus on informations systems that directly impact business processes with a focus on simplicity and user experience. I promise to keep our entire team - our customers, our investors and our employees - at the front of my mind as I make technology decisions that impact the people that matter.
— Dustin Dvorak, CIO